1. What should I bring?
  • Pillows and sleeping bags
  • Poles, bait and tackle
  • Battery powered radio
  • Battery powered fan
  • Garbage bags
  • Kitchen Utensils (pots & pans, plates, silverware, etc.)
  • 13 gallon garbage bags and toilet paper for bathrooms in Ice Castles. A bucket if not staying in a house with a

2. What is the check-in process?
  • We ask that you give us a call on our cell phone when you are about an hour outside of town the morning of your
    reservation. This gives us a good idea of the time you should be arriving so that we can make sure to have your
    holes drilled and heater on upon your arrival. When you arrive we will meet you at the planned lake access and
    have you follow us out to your house. We will check you in and show you how everything in the house works and
    you will be free to come and go as you please from there.

3. Where do we meet?
  • We meet at the nearest lake access to your house.

4. Do you move your houses or do they just get set in one spot and left there for
the winter?
  • We move our houses frequently. We check on every house daily and collect fishing reports. If we find that a house
    has slowed down we move it to fresh grounds. We understand that our customers are on a fishing trip and would
    like to catch fish! We cannot control whether or not they bite but what we can do is make sure that we do
    everything within our power to make sure that if they are biting we have you set on a prime spot!

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